Wednesday 14 June 2017

African Wikimedia Developers Project

The African Wikimedia Developers Project is a project aimed at starting a developer community on the African continent and to encourage volunteer contributions from these developers to the broader Wikimedia movement.

The programme which is meant to be rolled out to several parts of Africa, will begin with its first event in Ghana and model subsequent events from the learnings or findings from Ghana.

The 3 major prerequisites for becoming an African Wikimedia Developer are as follows:
  1. Be a developer from the African continent
  2. Be interested in open knowledge
  3. Be keen on volunteering your skills and time for this cause
It goes without saying that you would have to learn how to code using PHP. I know that NodeJS is the rage today but we are talking about MediaWiki a legacy software program that is 15 years old. 

From my own experience as a developer, I would say that it won't be sexy but your work will make a difference. Globally, we have seen a lack of participation from African volunteers in tech inclined Global events, however the African Wikimedia Developers Project is a chance to change all that as a developer.

Join their mailing list today to acquaint yourself with the program.

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