Monday 16 October 2017

Creating Google Chrome Extensions

Over the weekend, I finished reading Creating Google Chrome Extensions by Prateek Mehta.

Overall, the book served its purpose of demystifying how to create Google Chrome Extensions.

The book started with how to create and publish Google Chrome extensions in the first chapter. It is a well written chapter that set my expectations for the rest of the book. If you go to the publisher site, you can preview the first chapter for free.

After you are done reading the first chapter, you have enough knowledge to create your first Google Chrome Extension.

Sadly, I felt that the need to encourage book sales limited the quality of the book. After the first chapter, the book went downhill. The examples needed you to get the source files from the publisher website.

This made the experience of reading the book to be diminished. It is my belief as an author that a great book must be self-contained.

In this respect the book failed. The only worthwile chapter in the entire book is the first chapter which you can preview for free.

Once I read the first chapter, I was unable to follow the rest of the book. I only read through to the end to get a feel for the book.

I don't advise you to buy it. Preview the first chapter for free and read the developer documentation for Google Chrome Extensions.

By skirting around the code for the subsequent chapters, the author reduced the quality of the book.

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