Drawing Adinkra Symbols using Python

This is a new series I am starting to draw Adinkra symbols using Python turtle. In all we have 63 symbols with 1 having an alternate symbol. You can read about the Adinkra symbols by visiting this site.

Python turtle makes it almost impossible to draw curves so I shall be skipping the symbols that cannot be drawn.

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The list of topics in this series is given below:
  1. Introduction
  2. Adinkrahene
  3. Akoma Ntoaso
  4. Dame Dame
  5. Epa
  6. Fawohudie
  7. Fofoo
  8. Hwemudua
  9. Kete-Pa
  10. Kuntinkantan
  11. Me-Ware-Wo
  12. Mframadan
  13. Mpuannum Nkotimsofo Puua
  14. Nea Onnim No Sua A Ohu
  15. Nea Ope Se Obedi Hene
  16. Nkyimu
  17. Nkyinkyim
  18. Nssa
  19. Ntesie Mate Masie
  20. Nyame Nnwu Na Me Wu
  21. Nyansapo
  22. Owo Foro Adobe
  23. Owuo Atwedee
  24. Wuforo Dua Pa A
  25. Conclusion
  26. The Series Continues
  27. Aban
  28. Abusua Pa
  29. Kuronti ne Akwamu
  30. Kyemfere
  31. Menso Wo Kenten
  32. Mmara Krado
  33. Mpuankron
  34. Mrammuo
  35. Nnampo Pa Baanu
  36. Nsoromma
  37. Nteasee
  38. Nya Gyidie
  39. Owia A Repue
  40. Sepow
  41. Som Onyankopon
  42. UAC Nkanea
  43. This is Not the End